How to Survive Thanksgiving with Gall Bladder Disease

How to Survive Thanksgiving with Gall Bladder Disease

Gall Bladder-Friendly Thanksgiving recipes: What the heck can I eat?

A thick and sweet peppermint milkshake with waffle fries and grilled nuggets with avocado lime ranch dressing. That was my last enjoyable meal before the sharp pains begin in my upper stomach. I knew it was likely my gallbladder as I had similar pain two years prior.

My Fiancé took me to the hospital where they told me I had gallbladder stones. This was after 6 hours of waiting and waiting to feel my baby kick. Apparently pregnancy doubles your chances of getting gallbladder stones Cholelithiasis or gall bladder inflammation Cholecystitis.

If you want to know exactly what these diseases are then click the links above.

Since this happened right around Thanksgiving time, I thought, “What can I eat with gallbladder issues?” I also thought this was going to be a crappy Thanksgiving.

Did you know that one of the most common E.R. visits around Thanksgiving and Christmas are due to Gallbladder complications? It’s true.

I gathered as much information as possible to figure out Gallbladder-Friendly Thanksgiving recipes and other tips to avoid a Gallbladder attack. There wasn’t a lot of information on Pinterest but there had to be an answer. So, I bring you:

Ten tips to Survive Thanksgiving with Gallbladder Disease

  1. Drink warm water 30 minutes before eating

  2. Eat very little or no high-fat foods

  3. Chew your food thoroughly

  4. Eat slowly and enjoy the flavor!

  5. Limit alcohol consumption as it will upset the gallbladder

  6. Walk or perform light exercise after your meal.

  7. Stop eating at least 2-3 hours before you sleep.

  8. When your body says you’re full, stop eating!

  9. Do not starve yourself the next day to “makeup” for the excess calories. This triggers more issues including accidental bile release from your gallbladder.

  10. Have  a plan ahead of time on your menu choices.

For more information specific to gall bladder disease, visit

How to Survive Thanksgiving with Gallbladder Disease

Thanksgiving Recipes for Gall Bladder Disease

Having inflammation of the gallbladder or gallbladder stones isn’t the end of the world. There are many options for food this Thanksgiving and Tips for Gallbladder Disease sufferers so that you can still give thanks this November.

Let’s help our fellow man. Do you have any favorite gallbladder-friendly recipes that you can share?


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