About Me

What is ScorpioShots©? We are a lifestyle blog and business focusing on content creation, personal finance and career management for female professionals. ScorpioShots© began when Marisa Kiana, the creator, took a risk and tried the Scorpion Shot at the famous Nacho Daddy in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was the baby step needed that would eventually catapult her into a fearless existence.

From the Creator:

What began as a beauty blog changed into something more. I began ScorpioShots© in 2019 after my life was hit by a maelstrom of changes. By my own accord, I left my long-term relationship that I had felt trapped in for twelve years. I had been unhappy for a long time but, like most people, I was afraid of what I knew and believed as “stability”.

I was soon homeless, alone, and unsure. After living on a relatives couch for three months, I discovered an unexpected truth. I was unbelievably happy with nothing. Most days I didn’t have heat or hot water and washed my clothes in a tub of water with soap. I didn’t know when my host would decide to kick me out as there were already too many people in her home including a 14-month-old. Yet, I was still happier living this life than I was with all the luxuries in my life with my ex. It was a wake up call. I learned three major lessons from this opportunity.

  1. What we feel is safe and stable usually stifles our evolution and traps us into a life of mediocrity. If we don’t change it then we’ll one day realize how much time was wasted being unhappy. “Stability is a lie and shouldn’t be trusted.”
  2. Fear is manifested in our own minds and stops us from pursuing what makes us feel alive, robs us of many opportunities, and imprisons us. The reality being that what we fear probably won’t kill us but we stay stagnant as if it will. “Take the risk”
  3. Knowing yourself and maintaining self-confidence are the most important skills we need to learn and keep working on. So many people will make you doubt who you are and destroy your self-confidence if you allow it. Your job is to learn about you and be the best version of yourself and not allow anyone to break that, even you. “You’re better than you know.”

I learned these lessons the hard way but my hope is to help you grow and learn the easy way unlike myself. ScorpioShots© focuses on content creation, career management and personal finance for female professionals but, of course, men are welcome.

Now, I live in another state and have found love and became a mommy in 2020. I took a chance and changed my life and so can you. I’ll help you.

Welcome to ScorpioShots©!