Welcome to ScorpioShots.com. My journey began with a simple YouTube channel named KianaBeauty where I attempted to imitate my favorite beauty bloggers by offering simple tutorials about makeup, hairstyles, maintenance, etc.

Hint, I wasn’t very good though I did learn a lot and gained some valuable skills and knowledge regarding symmetry and your face. I soon realized a blog would allow me to compliment the videos while allowing me to use my writing skills, my true love.

That being said, welcome to my world. We will explore more than just beauty together such as: Career Advice for young women, Finances and Budgeting, DIY and Organization, and a few bonus gems that are in the works.

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I am not your normal Beauty Blogger. Most days, I cannot apply my foundation without it being cakey, I reapply false eyelashes 7 times before actually getting them to stick, and I can’t make a wing to save my life, but I am learning and that is the focus of this site. My journey learning, failing, and moving forward regardless. That’s life, right?

I am a big geek and gamer. That means you will see Cartoon Makeup Tutorials, Game Reviews, and Cosplay related topics.

So, what will you learn here? Besides beauty tutorials, reviews, and hacks; you will learn confidence, satisfaction with who you are, discovering what makes you happy in your life, your career, and how to live the most fulfilling life imaginable.

I strive to inspire you, thrill you, and open your mind to the beautiful world we live in all while being a part of a community that will not judge you, limit you, or censor your dreams.

Welcome to Kiana Beauty World.