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It all began in corporate

Throughout my ten years as an account manager, I discovered my unique talent for identifying inefficiencies and outdated procedures to optimize performance for the office as a whole. Recognizing that my skills could be better utilized elsewhere, I decided to take what I learned and ventured into the world of freelance work.


Family always comes first. In fact, it's the driving force behind why I started my own business.

Having the freedom to manage my schedule and be there for my children when they need me the most - is truly priceless.

What We Can Do for You

Whether it is a channel audit, strategy session, or complete channel management, we have a solution to catapult your businesses’ success through compelling content

Our Services

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Channel Audit - $127

This service is for those who are not sure why their channel isn’t converting or they just want a fresh set of eyes.

You get:

  • Complete review + analytics report + answers to all your questions
  • Page/channel evaluation

  • 1 competitor researched

  • 3-Day Delivery

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Strategy Sessions (75 Mins.) - $197

This service delivers high-value to those who are growing, adding a product or service, or feel unclear about next steps and operations.

You get:

  • a detailed questionnaire prior to the session (to maximize our time together)
  • templates and resources related to our call
  • recording of the call
  • 2 weeks of email support for future questions and clarity.

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Content Overhaul- $897

This service is for anyone who struggles with content creation and wants a DFY (Done For You) content bank to use immediately

You get:

  • Consultation + Channel and Analytics Audit + Action Plan + Best growth strategies
  • Page/channel evaluation
10 keywords/hashtags research
5 competitors researched
Action plan
  • 5-Day Delivery

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VIP Day- $1997

This service is a complete DFY (Done For You) service that provides everything needed to launch on YouTube.

You get:

  • Content ideas for the next three months
  • Filming tips and guide
  • A complete schedule for content, filming, and editing
  • A complete content calendar on what to post and when for three months
  • Page/Channel evaluation, 10 keywords/hashtags and 5 competitors researched
  • Three weeks of Slack and email support

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YouTube Management- $997/month

This service is a complete DWY (Done With You) service for those businesses that want to hand off management of their channel and just produce the content.

You get:

  • SEO Strategy and analytics support and monthly reporting
  • Monthly Content Strategy call with Marisa
  • Thumbnail creation (3 options per video)
  • Title, Tag, and Description Creation
  • Posting, Scheduling, and Competitor Analysis

*Editing Services available for a fee

Why Me?


Over 800 hours invested in helping businesses Streamline, Market, and Grow. Consistently reinvesting in educational opportunities.


I am a certified OBM through the AT OBM School


Over 10 Years of experience in Corporate and Project Management. Earned a M.F.A. in Creative Writing.

Client Testimony

Women of the World Network

"I couldn't have done it without you and I am so happy to have you and your help!"

–Elle Ballard

Alanna Thomas OBM

Marisa truly embodies the mission, vision, and values of your company and dedicates herself to being a trusted right hand. In addition to her constant encouragement, she is consistently refining and sharpening her skills to serve better. I am happy to know her and have seen her love for this industry."

– Alanna Thomas

RBL Media

"I am so blown away by you. It's so rare to meet someone who is as invested in their clients as you are. Thank you so much for the time, energy, and love you put into what you do. I feel so relieved with you on board."

– Pualena Pakele

Power of the ASk

"Massive, massive, massive thank you! I could not have done it without you, at all. I would not be here, we would not be at this part of our journey without your help. Thank you so much!!"

–Jacqueline Clarke

Do Tell Foundation

"I have had the great fortune to work with this powerhouse. Marisa gets stuff done. She delivers. Smart, innovative, heart centered as well as professional, who can top that? Thank you so much for helping me get Do Tell Foundation off the ground. FYI, everyone loves the website you created for us. Thank you so much! Looking forward to working with you soon again."

– Hajah Kandeh


You are the best decision I’ve made for my business! I don’t know how you do it but I am glad you are here.

– Arliss Dudley Cash

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Strengths Finder Top 5: Creative, Insightful, Principled, Passionate, Altruistic

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